Growth and inflation are central to Swiss companies' concerns

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(03.08.2022) Despite the difficult economic climate, Swiss companies are pursuing growth. In the annual European Payment Report (EPR) 2022, published by credit manager Intrum, almost 71% of respondents identified growth as their top priority.

Based on a survey of 11,000 companies in 29 European countries, the EPR report shows the challenges and priorities for companies in Switzerland and Europe. Growth is perceived as a higher priority in Switzerland (71%) compared to Europe (55%).

Growth is slowing across Europe amid historically high inflation and rising interest rates. However, 66% of Swiss companies say they are ill-equipped to deal with the impact of rising prices on their activities, which is higher than the European average (58%). In addition, accelerating price increases are preventing half of them (50%) from expanding. One out of two companies (50%) is worried about being unable to increase salaries in line with employee demands. 56% are concerned about difficulties in paying their suppliers on time.

Liquidity management appears to be a key issue for companies this year: 83% see strengthening liquidity and cash flow as a top strategic priority, while 87% mention debt and credit risk management.

Against this backdrop, six out of ten companies are reluctant to borrow or invest, as the current economic climate suggests that interest rates will rise.


Last modification 03.08.2022

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