Many organizations have been established to support entrepreneurs and SME managers. This section contains all of the important addresses needed for establishing and developing a company.

Economic development

The local economic development agency is an important resource for SMEs. It puts companies in contact with the right people in various administrations and provides useful advice.

Assistance for companies from EU member states

Are you looking for someone who can help you move your headquarters or open a subsidiary in Switzerland? Here is a list of fiduciaries you can contact.

Chambers of commerce

Chambers of commerce, whose members include SMEs as well as larger companies, provide information, documentation and advice about economic, legal and trade issues.

Cooperative surety funds

With support from the Swiss Confederation, cooperatives that help artisans obtain loans can also provide guarantees for bank loans.

Financial support for SMEs

Financing is a necessary step in developing an SME. In addition to banking institutions, here is a list of institutions that support SMEs and can provide assistance for start-ups.

Prizes and awards for SMEs

Over the last few years, a growing number of organisations has decided to award prizes to outstanding SMEs and entrepreneurs. Here is an overview of the most important prizes.

Technology parks

Over the last few years, dozens of technology parks and innovation centres have been established in Switzerland. The mix of start-ups with an open and economical infrastructure creates the right conditions for entrepreneurs.

Technology transfer

In Switzerland, around 20 institutions are dedicated to technology transfer, or applying discoveries and innovations from public and private research programmes to business.

SME institutions

Public and private institutions have developed a wide range of services that support an SME in its inception and development. An overview.

Contacts for women entrepreneurs

Many organizations have been established to support women entrepreneurs in Switzerland. Here is an overview, from solidarity NPOs to consulting companies:

Debt collection office

There are about 700 debt collection offices in Switzerland. The website of the debt collection portal enables you to find the right office in just a few clicks.

Price watch

Every citizen and business has the right to submit complaints to the Swiss federal price watchdog. In some cases, this entity can recommend or even impose price reductions.

SME Forum

The purpose of the commission of experts known as the SME Forum is to draw the federal administration's attention to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Periodicals and newspapers for SMEs

The media has long advocated the importance of start-ups and SMEs. Some media sources are even specifically tailored to start-ups and SMEs. Here are a few publications to watch for.

Services for SMEs

This section contains links to free services provided to SMEs by not only government offices and institutions under public law (specialized university institutions, universities), but a variety of businesses, as well.